What I Do…

Fundamentally, I work as a mentor and treat everything from an energetic perspective.  That approach is different from conventional methods and I have found it to be extremely successful in transforming energy and clearing energy blocks across both personal and business clients.  I can also use my skills to work with animals and spaces (e.g. flats, houses, premises).

Every session is tailored to the client and I access the Akashic Records, either using my intuitive skills or sometimes with charts, to clear energy blocks and change programming, so I am able to feel into your energy and “read” where the blocks are currently residing at that moment in time and, often, where they have originated.

Most sessions are done remotely now because I am working at all times with energy which we are all connected to and therefore sessions typically are via Skype, Whatsapp or telephone.  If doing a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) clearing, then it is done remotely and results emailed to you.

I use my many tools to help you shift energetic and behavioural blocks during a session.  I can do this intuitively or via a system called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) which uses charts and a pendulum in order to clear subconscious, soul or spiritual programming that often can’t be identified using the intuition because the programs are at much higher levels of consciousness. SRT is a powerful system for accessing programming and is brilliant for long term changes.

1:1 sessions with me are great for mentoring, coaching and shifting energetic blocks with feelings and emotions there and then.  Combined with SRT clearings, both approaches can bring about profound changes and many of my long term clients have shifted dramatically over a relatively short period of time.  I am able to (with my spiritual teams) access the subconscious programming of the client in the 1:1 sessions, pull out layers of old belief systems, help to re-educate the subconscious mind and replace old beliefs with new ones.  In addition, we are able to find root causes and emotional blocks that can free the client’s energy which, once identified and released, can bring about significant change in all areas of their life.  It is often a layer by layer approach, like peeling away the layers of an onion, because the conditioning has become so resolute over many years and therefore the neural pathways have become hardwired, so we have to literally prise away the old conditioning through layers of change, depending how steadfast they are (each client is different), however, each layer brings increased levels of self-empowerment and increased self-belief.

It is not my intention to do it all for my clients. I love to empower my clients and mentor them to help them to learn to make their own changes through various techniques and tips and therefore often set “homework”. It is my belief that it is important that we increasingly create a society where we can learn to address our own needs and make our own changes and become more mindful of how we behave and what the triggers are in our own environments and therefore I encourage my clients to become more self-aware and self-empowered at every opportunity through support, guidance and mentoring.  Therefore, I like all clients to take responsibility for their own healing and change processes.  I can only ever assist with the process of change, not do it for you.  However, I am delighted to have the privilege to be part of that process using my skills and tools and to help and support wherever I can.

I have treated a variety of people over the last 21 years in professions such as doctors, nurses, midwives, psychologists, counsellors, barristers, engineers, IT people, managing directors, marketing professionals, other therapists, sales people, professional sports people, builders, electricians, etc. ; a huge variety of personal clients, and business clients have included telecommunications, universities, various clients in the yachting leisure industry, event organisers, printers, engineers, design engineers, retail, and many others.