flower-lifeI am often asked by clients what the difference is between soul mates and twin flames and so I have decided to write a piece on it to give my view, inspired by the work of the late, great Robert Detzler, who, I have found, to have had his work corroborated so many times from other sources in the world. Robert was also the founder of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), that clears programming at subconscious, soul and spirit levels; a system that I have found to be, as an experienced practitioner, highly effective and powerful in shifting programming that intuitively is often hard to reach.

We start with the Soul Family where souls are created in the image and likeness of God, or Source energy, if you do not like the word, God. The soul is believed to be shaped like a flower that consists of one to nine parts or petals with the petals having both masculine and feminine elements to it. There are basically five different categories of souls that exist in a soul family. Groups of flames join together to form an Oversoul which is basically an extended soul family; this may consist of three to an infinite number of souls. The categories are: twin flames, flame mates, soul mates, siamese and essence. The soul can incarnate many times as a male or female in order to experience.

Twin flames are like the two halves of a flower petal with a vein down the middle with one side being masculine and the other side being feminine. You can be the female side of a twin flame yet be male in this life, and vice versa, and your twin flame can be someone who is your friend, family member, adversary or lover in this life, not necessarily a romantic entanglement. There can be as many as nine twin flames symbolically (nine being the number of spiritual completion) but you can only ever have one that is your half. To add complexity here, you can also have another flame family that gives you more than one twin-flame but let’s not get too bogged down with that in this article. Twin flames can bring up the biggest triggers in you and it is not always a good thing to have them as a romantic partner in this lifetime, nor is it always what will happen. They can often generate inharmonious relationships but twin flames never come into our lives to test us. They come into our lives to assist us in helping us to grow in some way, which of course can often be painful. When twin flames incarnate separately, it is basically the incarnation of part of a whole soul (the masculine side and the feminine side), though generally they are each referred to individually as a “soul”. You don’t always incarnate in a lifetime with your twin flame. That is down to the Oversoul.

Then we have Flame Mates, which rarely gets talked about. Again, going back to the flower analogy, there can be up to nine petals in a flame family and all of the souls in the other petals are flame mates. These become like your family at a much closer level within the Oversoul and a flame mate can also have a loop to another Oversoul. We don’t always incarnate with all our flame mates, as we don’t always incarnate with our twin flames in a lifetime. Sometimes when we do, they are often close to us such as family members or close friends.

Soulmates is perhaps the most common of all the names we have heard when we search for that ultimate romantic partner. Soulmates are basically all of the souls in your Oversoul. Your Oversoul can be as little as three members to as many as an infinite number. It’s akin to having soul “relatives” and you usually know when you have met a soulmate or member of your Oversoul. There is a deeper and greater understanding between you and a knowing that you recognise each other at a much deeper energetic level. Occasionally, Spirit is able to move a person from one Oversoul to another, although this is extremely rare but will happen when the welfare of the soul in question is at a critical point. There are also such Oversouls as Dark Oversouls experiencing the darker energy.

Essence as a category is, to use Robert Detzler’s analogy, like a leaf on a tree. The leaf has the essence of the tree but is not the tree itself. So you can have the essence of other souls. It’s a bit like being a painter and painting in the style of Van Gogh without being Van Gogh himself yet also being influenced by Renoir, Constable and Picasso all at the same time. They can pull in all the influences without becoming the originator. It’s often what Robert referred to when people are convinced they are the reincarnation of a particular historical figure, such as Mary Magdalene, for example. Mary Magdalene has never reincarnated again yet there are many who identify with her energy in some way – some because of ego (and I have met many who have a need to identify with such pure energy for whatever reason has generated that) and others who just identify with the essence of her energy. For example, the Soul of Mary Magdalene had no need to incarnate again yet still wished to experience some areas of life so their essence vicariously influences other souls having that experience that her soul desires.

The Siamese category happens when there are two flame families that are attached to each other – back to back. This isn’t ideal because a lot of energy can overflow to each family and so potentially cause problems through their experiences and it is not dissimilar to siamese twins in the incarnated form. This can be confused with twin flames sometimes but is very different. Ideally, when this is discovered, we need to separate the siamese flames at soul level and often many of the problems being incurred by those incarnated can disappear as they are no longer “sharing” the same experiences.

Once the soul has grown enough to become at one with the High Self, it becomes at one with everyone and has an infinite number of soulmates as there fundamentally is only one consciousness and one Oversoul ultimately. For example, Jesus belongs to a Master Oversoul and so everyone becomes his soulmate, which he joined upon His ascension.

It’s an incredibly complex area and we could really get stuck into the numerological content of flame mates and Oversouls but the above, I hope, will give you a basic overview.