There are many tools available to clear spaces such as flats, houses, business premises, schools, residential developments, leisure complexes, spaces of any kind really, including gardens and cars!

Many people will smudge with sage or use shamanic drums etc to change the energy.  I sometimes use a combination of Reiki, Theta Healing and my own intuitive clearings to clear some energies in some places but I also use SRT to clear energies of spaces more remotely.  SRT can be more specific as to what sort of energy is being held and can also clear any programmes and historic information held in the Akashic Records for that space.  As a result of clearing these spaces the energy becomes lighter, energetic problems such as faulty electrical or plumbing stops happening, moods lift, action and opportunities start coming in.  It often starts a snowball/domino effect that once certain programmes are lifted from spaces then the energy begins to flow more smoothly and everything lightens up.  I have worked with a variety of spaces including homes, cars, gardens and businesses and a large residential development that has experienced profound change since some of my remote clearing work has begun.  As with clearing anything energetic, it is always an experiment but so far has provided very positive and sometimes profound changes.  These can be measured over a period of time – weeks and months but change always happens.

This sort of clearing again does not need to happen in person.  It is all energetic and if you wish me to clear a home room by room intuitively then ideally a rough idea of the layout is useful.  However, if you require a remote programme clearing which is very powerful then I need only know the address fundamentally of the space to carry out a remote clearing.

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