As a Chartered Member of the CIPD, I still have that corporate link and have worked with many businesses at a human resources level as a consultant.  This has opened doors for me to work with them at an energetic level where there have been behavioural blocks with team members/individuals or financial blocks in the businesses themselves.  I have been able to treat individual employees energetically as in my 1:1 sessions and also work on clearing energetic programmes for departments and business entities.  It’s really quite fascinating to watch the changes which can be measured in the attrition rate, the general ambiance, cooperation and motivation within teams and fundamentally the bottom line profits.  It’s always an experiment to clear the energetic programmes of a business entity but it has so far had a profound impact on the success of businesses and often once programmes are cleared new opportunities come in and everything changes within a period of weeks and months.

I have also been used, because of my HR background, for employee relations matters and recruitment.  Because I am highly intuitive and coupled with my knowledge in HR and employment law, I have been able to successfully assist businesses in dealing with some challenging employee situations and also in getting the right ‘fit’ when selecting candidates for roles within companies.  I am able to combine my more conventional corporate skills with the energetic abilities which brings the client a more successful solution.

Should you wish to use my services for your business, please contact me via email at or call me and we can arrange to chat.  Businesses are invoiced separately for work carried out rather than via this website.