About Me

Hi!  I’m Caroline and I work as a Mentor and Well-Being Coach, helping clients remove blocks and programming that is preventing them finding joy and abundance, under the banner of this site, The Transformational Energy Expert.  I have been working intuitively with energy healing for over 22 years at the time of writing and have gained a lot of experience during that time working with lots of different clients from all sorts of backgrounds, corporate and personal, and I have learned how to change the energy of behaviours and situations very successfully, through my own training and experience and the techniques I have used over the years.  I’ve learned a lot through experience and that, I hope, makes me an expert in what I do. That’s not to say I know it all because I really don’t and I am learning all the time and perfecting my skills. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained out there and I truly hope to apply this knowledge with wisdom in helping people to transform their lives to ones of joy, success, abundance and healthy living.

I am based in the United Kingdom currently, although work across the world including Australia, South Korea, South Africa, North America, Canada and all over Europe now, providing mentoring/healing/clearing solutions to clients – whether personal or corporate.  I can treat people in any country in the world using Skype (or on the telephone in the UK or Whatsapp globally) and do many sessions remotely using the SRT system and my intuition to access the Akashic Records.  All you have to have is have a good understanding of the English language.  There is no typical session, as such.  Sessions are predominantly about mentoring with healing and shifting energetic blocks but they can also consist of mediumship, guidance from your Guides and often I am used as a sort of Guide Introduction Agency where new Guides are introduced for the first time to the client.  It can be a blend of healing, coaching, mentoring, guidance, mediumship and introduction all in one.

I have learned that it is customary here to give a story of how I arrived at being a well-being or health mentor, the traumas I went through and how I overcame them and triumphed with the therapies I offer; that way the potential client buys in to the story, identifies with it and, of course, decides to embark on a course of my services offered here. Personally, though, I hate hard-luck stories because you know what?  We all have them!  We all have our personal journeys and they are all subjective.  Yes I have gone through many things that I now treat my clients for and I have overcome them all.  That’s not to say I have done it all – I haven’t.  I am still a ‘work in progress’ like everyone but I’ve succeeded in overcoming a great deal that I now help other clients with empathically.

Using the techniques and therapies I have now learned and combined I can offer you one of the most effective energy healing processes that I believe is available. I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients in the last 22 years and that experience has been hugely valuable. I’ve learned what to look for, what method is best to use and I have refined and developed my intuitive and healing abilities more thoroughly.

Gone are the days of endless counselling sessions or hypnotherapy courses of treatment that can go into double figures.  I have had many clients who have had years and years of counselling or support group sessions come to me and within 1, 2 or 3 sessions have resolved what their original issue was. What I now know I wish I had known decades ago because I have learned that we have the power to create exactly what we want in life and that what happens in our immediate environment is often as a direct result of what is happening in our subconscious mind or soul programming. We all have more power than we realise!

I’ve learned that our external environment is often a direct reflection of our internal belief system or our approach/perception. Hard to believe this with all our conditioning and with some medical conditions, but we cannot take this one lifetime in isolation in the beliefs that run in our subconscious minds or our soul programming. My approach, therefore, is a quantum one and we clear beliefs and blocked feelings from wherever they were set up in time based on the presumption that everything is NOW!  

So, what about my skills? Ok, here goes…

I have a corporate background in surveying and then in Human Resources Management and I have a Master of Arts (MA) in Human Resources Management, which incorporated a significant amount of organisational psychology.  I am also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD). Something I have decided to continue as I still work closely with companies in providing solutions within their business. In addition, I have trained over the years in the following: Ho’oponopono (Certified Practitioner), reflexology (Practitioner), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Practitioner), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner of NLP), clinical hypnotherapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, past life regression (Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapist), advanced professional stress management, Reiki (Reiki Master Teacher), ethereal crystals, intrusive energy, tarot, mediumship (various studies through the SNU over 21 years including healing, speaking, trance, etc), Theta Healing (Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and Rainbow Children), Spiritual Response Therapy (Advanced SRT Practitioner) and various other studies and training over the years (corporate and personal), including training with Dr Joe Dispenza. I have also been a co-editor of the highly successful Hypnotherapy Articles site, a Chairperson of the Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and had membership of various complimentary health bodies over the years such as the Association of Reflexologists, Meridian Energy Therapies and General Hypnotherapy Register (still a member – GQHP). I started practising over 22 years ago but left full time employment in 2001 to set up in business full time and the rest is history, as they say.  I am also recently trained in Biomagnetism Pair Therapy and occasionally use this when appropriate with my clients to help with their physical conditions.

Quite simply, I love what I do.  I have a passion for healing and spiritual philosophy and a love and respect for people, animals and all living things, including our environment.  It is a privilege to do the work I do and I do it with all my heart.